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The Best Fat Burners in 2022: Our Top 3 Picks

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Searching for the Best Fat Burners of 2022? You’re in the right spot! We know how flooded the fat burner market is, making it really hard to make a choice.

This is why we’ve rounded up the 3 current best available to save you time and hassle. In our opinion, these are the 3 of the most effective fat burners on sale today.

Our review team has trialed every product featured in this guide. We have a strict criterion for rating each one – looking at product safety, effectiveness, reputation, production quality, and overall value for money.

This enables us to present you with the best fat burners on the market right now. We update this list regularly to ensure you’re getting the latest and greatest, so keep an eye out on this post for future updates.

  • Burn stubborn fat
  • Protect lean muscle tissue
  • Have more energy & focus throughout the day
  • Products for every age group, body type, and background
  • Top 3 reviewed (updated regularly)

1. Instant Knockout CUT

  • Developed for Pro athletes

  • Clinically dosed

  • Elevate metabolism

  • Control appetite 

  • Targets stubborn fat

2. Hourglass Fit

  • Formulated for women

  • Caffeine-free formula

  • Mood support

  • Gain definition

  • Develop toned figure 

3. Burn by Hunter Evolve

  • For busy men 30+

  • Larger doses

  • High-grade ingredients 

  • Big impact formula

The Three of The Best Fat Burners in 2022

1. Instant Knockout


When it comes to fat burner supplements, it doesn’t get much better than Instant Knockout CUT. Why? First off, this natural fat burner has been a market leader ever since 2014 (far longer than most of its competition).

Instant Knockout CUT

Secondly, Instant Knockout was originally developed for pro fighters to cut weight quickly for the big fight. Due to its high success and subsequent demand, Instant Knockout was later released to the general public.

Why does this matter to you? It means a thoroughly researched, clinically supported formula to start with. If it’s good enough for pro athletes, that means it’s good for everyone else as well.

Instant Knockout CUT works to give you these benefits:

  • Defined and leaner physique
  • Increased metabolic activity for faster calorie burn
  • Elevated energy production
  • Faster conversion of stored body fat into fuel
  • Improved hunger control and appetite suppression

Sold in capsules rather than a powder, Instant Knockout enjoys excellent reviews worldwide and continues to grow in popularity to this day.

Although Instant Knockout CUT is aimed at athletes & fitness models, looking at the reviews online, you’ll see that men and women of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds love the effects and real results from using Instant Knockout CUT.

Instant Knockout CUT Bottle
Our Instant Knockout CUT bottle

Key Ingredients

Instant Knockout CUT features an array of clinically-dosed, effective fat-burning naturals. Here are a few that stood out to us:

Vitamin D3 – shown in human studies to benefit mood, hormones, and metabolic health as well as reduce body mass index. [1]

Cayenne Pepper – found in chili peppers, this ingredient has highly potent thermogenic effects, leading to increased metabolism. [2]

Glucomannan – this is a natural fiber that expands in your stomach up to 100x its original size, stopping hunger cravings and reducing your daily calorie intake. [3]

Black Pepper Extract – a concentrated source of Piperine, this ingredient provides an additional metabolic boost and a thermogenic kick, while making other ingredients in Instant Knockout CUT more effective by enhancing their absorption in your body. [4]

The rest of the ingredient profile of IKO CUT contains a selection of key nutrients that contribute to your overall wellness. It also contains a precisely dosed ratio of caffeine to L-Theanine to give you a clean energy boost. The L-Theanine in Instant Knockout Cut should help balance out any caffeine slumps. L-Theanine also has benefits of its own, such as improved concentration & focus throughout the day.

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How to take

Instant Knockout CUT contains 120 capsules per bottle. According to the manufacturer, you’ll get best results by taking 1 capsule, 4 times per day.

This may take a few days of getting used to, but in our opinion, it’s definitely worth it. While we agree that taking 4 capsules per day can be a bit annoying, it’s a clever and excellent way to dose a fat burner, allowing you to stay topped up with the beneficial ingredients all day long.


  • Great value
  • Scientifically-backed formula
  • Real results
  • Trusted by pro athletes and trainers
  • 100% natural and healthy for daily use


  • 4 capsules per day, although highly effective, might be inconvenient for some
  • Only available at


All things considered, we’re very much impressed with Instant Knockout CUT. It contains some of the best ingredients you’ll find in a fat burner supplement. It’s also recently been updated, meaning the latest research and evidence goes into every bottle.

Speaking of which, Instant Knockout CUT gets updated every 6-12 months as its specialist manufacturer, Roar Ambition from the U.K., continues to consult with experts and professionals to keep the formula the best it can be.

IKO CUT is now vegan friendly, too, meaning everyone can take it. At the end of the day, this is a tried and tested fat burner; there’s a good reason why it remains one of the best-reviewed products even after all these years.

If you’re looking for a fat burner that delivers, we definitely recommend you to try Instant Knockout. It could be the product you’ve been searching for, to achieve the look you really want.

Instant Knockout is Available at the Manufacturer’s Website

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2. Hourglass Fit

hourglass fit


Coming in 2nd  place is Hourglass Fit, a fat burner that is specifically designed for women who want to get the ‘Hourglass Figure’, specifically, a shaped, toned look that’s minimal in body fat. The good news is, Hourglass Fit works for anyone. When it comes to weight loss, there’s not really a huge difference between a male and female body! It will work in just the same way.

However, Hourglass Fit does contain some specific nutrients that females may require in higher amounts, which will lead to bigger benefits.

So, what’s so amazing about Hourglass Fit? Mostly the ability of the supplement to control your appetite and burn calories at the same time. This means reduced calorie intake as you’re consuming less food, and reduced belly fat thanks to the potent, thermogenic ingredients (see below).


  • Targets stubborn waist fat
  • Contributes to the tightening of legs and glutes as a part of the weight loss process
  • Blocks food cravings
  • Strong, caffeine-free formula
  • Tone up for a lean physique


Hourglass Fit is packed full of potent fat-burning ingredients. For example, you’ll find a massive dose of glucomannan, a root plant extract that swells once it hits your stomach, resulting in reduced hunger cravings between meals.

In addition to this, your appetite will be kept well under control with the aid of 5-HTP. This natural compound is a precursor to serotonin, a neurotransmitter that is shown to block hunger-inducing hormones, while also enhancing mood and mindset – ultimately, helping you to control your calorie intake. [5]

Also inside Hourglass Fit is cayenne pepper, one of the best natural thermogenics. It heats up your body, boosts your metabolism, and helps you burn more energy in less time.

Hourglass Fit also contains an array of vitamins including B6 and B12, as well as zinc to counter the negative effects of stress on hormones and weight loss. In addition, black pepper extract ensures you digest and get the most out of other key nutrients in the formula.

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How to take it

Each bottle of Hourglass Fit contains 120 capsules, lasting you 30 days. To get optimal effects and keep the fat burning compounds in your system, you should take 1 capsule, 4 times per day.

Much like with Instant Knockout, this may be annoying to remember at first, but you quickly get used to it. And, there’s a good reason why the best fat burners use this dosage frequency – it works.


  • Helps you burn fat and reveal toned muscle
  • Substantial hunger control with glucomannan
  • Caffeine-free formula
  • Added nutrients for mood, energy, and willpower
  • Works for both men and women


  • 4 capsules per day, although highly effective, may be annoying for some
  • Only available directly from


Hourglass Fit is a highly effective fat burner and, we’ll say it once again, it’s suitable for men and women! Take a look at the proven array of ingredients in the supplement and you’ll see it’s been made to a very high standard.

Hourglass Fit is also stim-free, so if you prefer your supplements without the pick-me-ups, definitely try this one. Its range of ingredients will still give you plenty of additional energy thanks to the conversion of body fat that they promote.

We highly recommend this product if you’re looking for a clean-quality, entirely natural, stim-free fat burner.

Hourglass Fit is Available on the Manufacturer’s Website

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3. Burn by Hunter Evolve – High-Dosed for Maximum Results

“A premium, high-grade supplement for driven men 30+”

Hunter Burn


Hunter Burn is our 3rd product on this list, but by no means is it inferior. In fact, Hunter Burn boasts the largest ingredient profile, serving sizes, and ingredient amounts out of any weight loss supplement we’ve seen.

The Hunter brand prides itself on offering more value, with their site stating it’s a “premium” selection of ingredients and products. When it comes to walking the talk, this fat burner really is top-of-the-line quality.

In a nutshell, Hunter Burn is for those who want the very best ingredients, at industry-leading doses, for potentially bigger results. It costs slightly more than its competition, but with everything much bigger, we think Hunter Burn is an excellent value for money.


Hunter Burn contains the key ingredients you’ll find in other best fat burners on this list, but at significantly higher dosages. For example, it contains matcha green tea, a variant of green tea you’ll find in other products. The difference? This type of green tea extract is three times stronger – and could help you burn calories at a faster rate.

Hunter Burn also contains konjac root which reduces hunger. Coupled with safe and highly effective 5,000IU of vitamin D3 to help you lose weight, gain muscle, and support natural testosterone production. This ingredient is the reason why some of the members of our team noticed an increase in their libido and performance levels.

The larger servings you get with Hunter Burn make up for the premium price, giving you an array of exhaustively researched ingredients in clinically studied amounts.

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How to take it

Hunter Burn contains a massive 180 capsules per bottle. Each daily serving is 6 capsules, which means the product will last you an entire month. The official dosage directions for Hunter Burn is to take 2 capsules with a large glass of water, three times per day prior to your meals.

Such large servings ensure your body is continually topped up with potent fat-burning nutrients and is the key edge Hunter Test has over its competition.


  • Higher doses for maximum performance
  • Improves body’s fat burning potential
  • Enhances mental state, confidence, and motivation
  • More of each key ingredient
  • Excellent value for maximum impact
  • Luxury-grade product



Hunter Burn is a no-compromise fat burner. It’s perfect if you want the maximum amount of the best ingredients the fat burner market has to offer in one high-quality package.

Sometimes you need a weight loss supplement that goes above and beyond. The price is our only complaint, though we understand this is made for premium, ambitious customers. If you’re able to afford it, it’s definitely worth the money – delivering large amounts of ingredients and huge serving sizes for maximum impact.

Although it’s #3rd on our list, Hunter Burn could easily stand on the top spot. A fantastic fat burner that gives you more, and one that we’d highly recommend.

Hunter Burn is Available on the Manufacturer’s Website

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