GOLO vs Alli

GOLO vs Alli: Which is Better?

GOLO vs Alli Summary:

Neither GOLO nor Alli makes it onto our list of top fat burners. While GOLO is naturally based compared to Alli which uses the prescription weight loss drug Orlistat, GOLO is missing many core ingredients for weight loss for us to recommend it as something that will get you noticeable results. GOLO is safer than Alli in terms of side effects, but it’s still far from the best fat burners we’ve seen. The claimed effects of GOLO on brown adipose tissue (BAT) are overblown by the manufacturer in our opinion, as the ingredients inside aren’t proven to have that kind of effect.

What do we recommend?

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GOLO’s Formula

GOLO contains a few ingredients you’d expect in a fat burner, such as chromium, zinc, and berberine. Together, these should help balance your blood sugar, along with supporting your energy levels naturally.

GOLO Ingredients

On the other hand, GOLO also opted for some untypical inclusions. Gardenia, Banaba, Salaretin, and Apple extract are all a mixed bag of ingredients that might help you lose weight to some slight degree, but they’re under-researched. The only other ingredient worth mentioning in GOLO is Rhodiola Rosea. Rhodiola is a herb native to Arctic regions of Siberia. Traditionally, people have been using it to combat fatigue and chronic stress.

Sadly, we can’t see Rhodiola’s dosage in GOLO; the same goes for most of the other ingredients we previously mentioned.

As a result, even if the ingredients in GOLO could help with weight loss, most of them don’t have their dosages shown, meaning they could be underdosed and ineffective without us knowing.

As a whole, GOLO’s formula doesn’t overly potent when it comes to appetite suppression, metabolism support, and energy boosting.

Alli’s Formula

Alli contains only one active ingredient – Orlistat. Unlike GOLO, Alli doesn’t contain natural ingredients – Orlistat is a prescription-only drug used to promote weight loss and treat obesity. It works by blocking the absorption of fat from food, helping people lose weight and keep it off. While it has been shown to be safe and effective in clinical trials, it is important to understand how it works and what potential side effects you may experience when taking Orlistat.

Alli Ingredients

To put it simply, Orlistat interferes with the digestive process. When it attaches to molecules in food and blocks them, these molecules become available for the body to break down. However, Orlistat does not block all fat digestion so you can still absorb some fat into your system. This prevents your body from absorbing excessive amounts of fat which can lead to weight loss and a reduction in blood pressure. 

As a result, Alli could bring you more significant results compared to GOLO. But it also comes with a higher risk of side effects such as stomach upset, bladder pain, body aches, nasal congestion, and loss of voice among others.

Pricing & Other Factors to Consider

GOLO costs $59.95 per bottle (90 caps). You’re covered with a 60-day guarantee. If you’re not happy with the product you have two months to return the bottle and get your money back.

Orlistat is usually only available through your doctor’s prescription, however, due to its dosing here, you can get Alli at Walmart, Target, and CVS for around $45 per bottle (60ct).

Our Verdict

GOLO is the clear winner, even though it has its own downsides, due to the fact that it is less likely to cause side effects. Alli should only be considered after talking to your doctor.

While it may give you better results than GOLO, the risk of negative reactions isn’t worth it for us. If you’re looking for the best natural weight loss pill to help you on your journey, there are definitely better options on the market than either of these two.

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