Hunter Test Review - Does it Work?

Hunter Test Review – Does it Work? Should You Buy it?

Hunter Test is a self-proclaimed premium testosterone booster for busy and affluent men. It aims to beat the competition with superior efficacy and a cutting-edge, clinically-backed formula.

Users of Hunter Test are promised to experience improved strength, enhanced motivation and mental focus, and unshakable confidence. All you’re required to do is take a handful of pills each day and let the evidenced ingredients inside do their job.

But, do the ingredients match the clever marketing? Can Hunter Test live up to its manufacturers claims? We analyzed the formula to find out.

Hunter Test Review SUMMARY:

Short on time? Here’s a summary of our team’s report on Hunter Test:


  • No hidden ingredients or doses
  • 9 high-grade researched ingredients
  • Effective doses
  • Excellent safety score
  • 6 capsules per day ensures a consistent supply of the beneficial nutrients
  • Zero synthetic flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Non-GMO, free of soy and gluten
  • Manufactured in the UK and USA in cGMP & FDA-approved facilities


  • Uses gelatin capsules which aren’t suitable for vegans
  • Price that is higher than most competitors
  • Only sells direct from the official website

About Hunter Test

Hunter Test works like any other natural testosterone booster. It provides your body with specific vitamins and minerals that in some way should stimulate more testosterone production. Some are nutrients men are commonly deficient in. Others are more specialized herbs and plant extracts, such as Ashwagandha, an medicinal adaptogen with proven benefits for stress, fertility, masculinity, and strength.

However, Hunter Test’s website says the level of research behind this supplement makes it superior to other options on the market. Having been released in 2018, Hunter Test has one of the most up-to-date, well-researched formulas available today.

The team behind Hunter Test decided not to use ingredients recently shown to not work, even though they’re still heavily used in older testosterone boosters. An example is Tribulus Terrestris, a plant which studies show has no positive effect on testosterone. [1]

By avoiding the ineffective ingredients, Hunter Test’s manufacturers were able to include some of the market’s most potent dosages. Our team can confirm we saw these throughout our analysis of the product. At just nine ingredients strong, Hunter Test cut out all the fillers to make space for more of their most effective compounds.

Official website:

How to Use Hunter Test

The dosage directions for Hunter Test is to take 2 capsules, three times per day with your meals.

We feel this method of spread supplementation is more effective than taking it all in one go, especially with testosterone boosters. This way, you’re supplying your body with a constant stream of ingredients, which in turn produces better long-term results.

The Ingredients – What’s Inside Hunter Test?

Hunter Test Ingredients

Hunter Test has no proprietary blends, which means you can see every ingredient and its respective dose clearly on the label.

The ingredients themselves look good, with some of the most studied testosterone nutrients included in the product.

Here are the ingredients in Hunter Test:

1. Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)

Your skin produces vitamin D naturally from direct sunlight. Still, recent evidence shows over 1 billion people are deficient in the sunshine vitamin. [2] Reduced testosterone levels are one of the many side effects of not getting enough.

Clinical findings show that vitamin D supplements may boost testosterone levels in men. According to one study, vitamin D deficient volunteers improved their testosterone levels by 20% after taking 3,32IU of D3 daily for a year. [3]

2. Vitamin K2 (150 mcg)

According to Hunter Test’s website, vitamin K2 is here to play a supportive role to vitamin D3. Not only is K2 suggested to reduce calcium build-up in the wrong places (arteries) while directing it to all the right places (bones), it may also boost testosterone in its own right.

3. Magnesium (200 mg)

Magnesium plays a critical role in hundreds of biological processes. It’s essential for proper immune function, helps muscle contractions, and even assists in keeping your heartbeat steady and consistent.

Deficiency in magnesium is common, with one of the many health side effects being lower testosterone. Supplementation, though, is shown to restore dropped levels of the anabolic hormone due to deficiency, ensuring you’re well supplied in the nutrient. [5]

4. Zinc (30mg)

Zinc is never far from magnesium in men’s health supplements. Just like the mineral above, zinc is another essential nutrient integral to your vitality. Experts estimate that around 20% of the global population are deficient. This is a concern for men as zinc status is directly linked to testosterone levels.

Low T is one of the potential side effects of zinc deficiency. Through replenishment of the mineral – either via supplementation or increased dietary intake – testosterone production raises. Hypogonadal men may also see improved fertility. Another benefit of supplementing zinc for testosterone is that it may reduce dips in the hormone when you’re under stress or exposed to chemicals that otherwise reduce it.

5. D-Aspartic Acid (3000 mg)

D-Aspartic Acid, or D-AA, is a natural amino acid with the ability to encourage the spurt of testosterone precursors. Studies point to D-AA being especially effective in men with pre-existing low T levels. However, if you already have optimal testosterone blood count, you may not see the testosterone-boosting effects of D-AA. [6]

6. Asian Ginseng (300 mg)

Asian Ginseng (Panax Red Ginseng), is an ancient Asian herb and traditional medicine. However, unlike many natural remedies, this one is backed by a large body of evidence.

Studies suggest that Asian Ginseng increases levels of luteinizing hormone (LH); the same one that D-AA boosts. [7] This helps to boost your testosterone levels, as elevated LH triggers the testes to synthesize more T. Other evidence has also shown Asian Ginseng helps improve mood, energy, and sleep.

Not to confuse Asian Ginseng with American or Siberian Ginseng. The latter two are underresearched, whilst Asian Panax Ginseng is the most potent in ginsenosides.

7. Ashwagandha Extract (300 mg)

Ashwagandha is another herb with a long history of medicinal use. Its name, loosely translated, means “smell of horse,” denoting Ashwagandha’s ability to make you as vital and as strong as the animal.

Curiously, current evidence shows the herb might genuinely help you become stronger, leaner, and fitter in both the body and mind. Other research points Ashwagandha may also boost fertility and testosterone too. Some experts believe this is a knock-on effect of Ashwagandha’s cortisol-lowering properties.

8. Indole-3-Carbinol (200 mg)

Indole-3-Carbinol is linked to lower SHBG (sex-hormone-binding globulin) levels, which in turns block excess estrogen production. [8] Too much of the female sex hormone estrogen can hold back your testosterone levels.

I3C itself helps stop free-flowing testosterone from being ‘captured’ and converted to estrogen. There’s also evidence showing it may fight prostate issues.

9. Boron Chelate (10 mg)

Boron is a trace mineral especially beneficial for male health. Not only does it help keep bones healthy, boost brain function, and enhance vitamin D absorption, it may also boost your testosterone.

One study drove home boron’s positive influence on testosterone when it found that 10mg of the mineral daily for just one week improved subjects’ T levels by 28%. Interestingly, boron also lowered their estrogen levels by almost 40% at the same time. [4]

Benefits of Taking Hunter Test

Hunter Test’s main benefit is increasing testosterone levels. Yet, when you look at the function of T in your body, you see there are many other knock-on benefits linked.

1. Building a fitter physique

Stimulating the growth and maintenance of lean muscle tissue is one of testosterone most sought after effects. When your anabolic hormone levels are healthy, you’re able to build muscle and burn fat a lot faster than if they were sub-optimal.

Testosterone assists in muscle building by stimulating muscle protein synthesis. MPS is the process of sculpting new muscle, which also benefits fat burning.

Lean muscle mass has a far higher metabolic demand than subcuntaneous body fat. In other words, the more muscles you have, the more calories you’ll burn to maintain it. This will benefit fat burning massively, as a higher metabolism will mean you have a greater leeway in terms of calories consumed throughout the day. Having a faster metabolism lowers your risk of overeating and gaining unwanted body fat.

Hunter Test claims that by improving your body, it will also improve your confidence.

2. Mental Well-Being

Improved mental strength, mood, and focus is another benefit of testosterone boosting. Because while testosterone’s effect on the body and libido is easily noticeable, its effect on brain function and health isn’t always so obvious.

However, research shows that testosterone has a significant say in your mental capacities and cognitive well-being. Brain fog, lowered focus, and irritability are all common side effects of T deficiency. Anxiety and depression are among recognized symptoms too.

Therefore, by balancing your T levels, you may see notable improvements in your mental strength and function. You should notice an improvement in clear thinking, motivation to take on tasks, and memory retention and recall.

3. Enhanced libido and sexual performance

Weak libido is a common warning sign of sub-optimal testosterone in men. Along with deflating muscles, it’s one of the more noticeable reported symptoms, which may also come with sexual function issues.

Increasing testosterone helps to reignite your libido it your levels are lower. You may also find your erection quality to improve too. As we mentioned above, some of the compounds in Hunter Test also work to benefit fertility.

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Side Effects – Is Hunter Test Safe?

Side effects are always possible with supplement usage. That said, Hunter Test is manufactured in the US and UK under strict conditions and according to cGMP and FDA guidelines. This, coupled with its use of naturally sourced, high-quality ingredients, helps to lower the already low risk.

Hunter Test’s serving sizes are safe as well while remaining effective. This is another measure taken by the manufacturer to cut down the risk of side effects. Most men who take Hunter Test report having no adverse symptoms.

Potential side effects of improper use – including taking more than recommended – include headaches, nausea, and stomach upset. If side effects occur stop taking the supplement right away and contact your MD.

Where to Buy?

Given its quality, we feel Hunter Test is an excellent value for money at $75/£55. The state-of-the art formula of this supplement works really well for men looking to enhance their quality of life, while using safe and effective doses that make it healthy for everyday use.

One downside is that you can only get Hunter Test on its official website. This is a con because, you won’t be able to shop for deals. On the other hand, buying directly guarantees you a higher level of quality control. Customer service is better too, as you’ll be speaking directly to the people who make Hunter Test.

Here, you do get what you pay for. The cost reflects the thorough academic research, attention to detail, and high-standard manufacturing.

Naturally, Hunter Test isn’t for everyone’s budget. Roar Ambition, its makers, are a specialist supplement company – their intentions weren’t to cater for a mass audience. Hunter Test is created for busy men, businessmen, professionals, and high-achievers, hence its premium grade formula.

Conclusion – Does Hunter Test Work?

Hunter Test nails it with all the key components expected from a market-leading testosterone booster. Hunter Test’s innovative formula easily stands up to other big names on the market, and its potency and supporting research sets it apart.

This testosterone booster uses the most evidenced natural ingredients and great manufacturing protocols to create a truly the best-in-the-class product. There are no fillers, artificial ingredients, bulking agents, or hidden blends to devalue the product, just 9 potently dosed and well-researched nutrients. All of its ingredients are shown to benefit testosterone production in relevant studies.

You do pay more for it than some other testsoterone boosters. This is because Hunter Test is intended for a different audence than your everyday supplement buyer. It’s clear the manufacturer knows its market and has gone the extra mile to cater to them.

As such, we’d recommend Hunter Test as the best specialist testosterone booster for the more affluent men in their 30s and beyond.

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    1. Hi Norma,

      Yes – Hunter Test is suitable for women. Since the supplement consists of entirely natural ingredients – nutrients, plants, herbal extracts – it will nudge your body to make optimal levels of healthy hormones, but not beyond that.

      In other words, it will help to optimize your natural testosterone production as a female, but it won’t get you into the range of male T levels. This has many benefits, including better sleep, improved mood, and increased concentration.

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