Nutricost Yohimbine Review

Our Review: Nutricost Yohimbine – Does it Work?

Today we have this Nutricost Yohimbine review for you. Our team is going to inspect Nutricost Yohimbine to see how it compares to other supplements in terms of quality, value for money, and effectiveness among others.

To start with, here is a quick summary of our report on Nutricost Yohimbine to get an idea about what you can expect from this product.


  • Effective dose – 5mg of Yohimbine per serving
  • Clean label – no unnecessary fillers
  • Studies support its effectiveness for erections and pre-workout enhancement


  • Lack of studies overal
  • Current evidence doesn’t confirm Yohimbine works for weight loss
  • Potential long-term side effects

Nutricost Yohimbine Summarized:

Nutricost Yohimbine is a decent supplement for a very specific group of people. Mainly, those who want to boost their energy levels for working out as well as enhance circulation, which helps you with muscle pumps and erections.

However, as far as weight loss goes, Yohimbine alone won’t do you much good. Even if it worked to a significant extent (science so far shows it doesn’t), Yohimbine needs to be paired with other proven weight loss ingredients like Glucomannan, Green Tea Extract, and Cayenne Pepper Extract to achieve fat-burning and appetite suppression from multiple angles. It’s fairly cheap though, making it a good option for those on a budget.

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What is Nutricost Yohimbine?

Nutricost Yohimbine is, as the name suggests, an all-natural dietary supplement with 5mg of Yohimbine HCl per capsule.

Here are some key facts you should know about this supplement:

  • Comes in 120-capsule and 240-capsule bottles
  • Non-GMO
  • Free of gluten, synthetic additives, or harmful fillers
  • cGMP compliant, manufactured in FDA-registered facility
  • Made for both Men and Women

In case you’re not quite familiar with Yohimbine, it is a popular dietary supplement derived from the bark of an African evergreen tree called Yohimbe.

Yohimbine is a popular dietary supplement due to its ability to treat erectile dysfunction. More recently, it’s also gained popularity amongst bodybuilders to help with fat burning.

However, how many of these claims are actually backed by science, and is Nutricost Yohimbine a good-quality Yohimbine supplement? Or are there perhaps better alternatives available?

We take a closer look at its benefits, dosage directions, ingredient research, customer reviews, and safety profile below.

Nutricost Yohimbine: Dosage Directions

The recommended dosage for Nutricost Yohimbine is 1 capsule per day, ideally on an empty stomach.

Since Yohimbine is quite an aggressive stimulant, it’s best to take it early in the day to avoid insomnia later at night.

Formula Analysis

Here is the ingredient label of Nutricost Yohimbine:

Nutricost Yohimbine Ingredients

And here is the ingredient list of Nutricost Yohimbine in case that image doesn’t load properly for you:

  • Yohimbine HCl (5mg)
  • Rice Flour
  • Gelatin capsule

As you can see, Nutricost Yohimbine is a clean yohimbine supplement. There are no unnecessary fillers or harmful junk in the formula, except for the essential “rice flour” and “capsule (gelatin)”.

Okay, so let’s talk about Yohimbine for a second. What is it, how it works, and what evidence says about it. What can you exactly expect from Yohimbine?


Yohimbine is the active ingredient found inside the bark of the African tree Pausinystalia johimbe. Also known as theYohimbe tree.

As an herbal supplement, it has a long history of use in African traditional medicine to boost weight loss and to enhance sexual performance.

More recently, yohimbine supplements have gained popularity for a wide range of common uses. These range from improving physical stamina, providing pre-workout benefits for training, to aiding in fat burning.

But how many of these claims are evidence-supported? Yo find out, we first have to look at what the research says about how Yohimbine works.

Yohimbine is actually still a relatively underresearched compound, so scientists don’t yet know the full extent of mechanisms of yohimbine in the body. However, it it speculated that yohimbine works by inhibiting alpha-2 adrenergic receptors in your body.

Alpha-2 adrenergic receptors play a role in breaking down noradrenaline and regulating blood flow. By diminishing their activity, Yohimbine is thought to enhance circulation in the body, along with boosting noradrenaline levels which increases your alertness and energy levels. This is mainly due to the fact that noradrenaline is a stress hormone. So when it’s activated, you experience a surge of energy and blood rushing through your body. [1]

This bioactivity is thought to be helpful when it comes to things like erections, muscle pumps, and even weight loss, as higher noradrenaline also means higher metabolic activity. [2, 3]

Does Yohimbine Work for Weight Loss?

One of the main reasons people take Yohimbine supplements is to lean out and achieve a healthier-looking physique.

The ability of Yohimbine to block alpha-2-adrenergic receptors in fat cells specifically should, in theory, result in increased fat consumption by the body, as well as higher calorie burn throughout the day.

However, in practice, it doesn’t seem that potent.

One study with elite soccer players found a decrease of 1.8% of their body fat from 3 weeks of Yohimbine supplementation. It was not clear how much of a role Yohimbine played on its own, in the context of hard training and athletes’ rigorous diets.

That said, two control studies found that yohimbine didn’t result in significant fat burning or weight loss. [4, 5]

It is clear we need more research before yohimbine can be recommended as an effective weight loss supplement. Even if it was, one natural ingredient alone is rarely enough. There is a reason why the best fat burners use multiple proven compounds to target weight loss from multiple angles. Including a natural appetite suppressant, a thermogenic, and a blood sugar regulator to name a few.

Reviews and Testimonials

There are over 4,000 reviews of Nutricost Yohimbine on Amazon. Most of them are positive reviews, with a few people mentioning side effects such as heart plapitations, anxiety, and insomnia. Some of them also apparently took Nutricost Yohimbine for wrong reasons; hoping they would cut back unwanted body fat successfully with it, but not realizing Yohimbine alone may not be enough to get them the desired results.

All in all, it’s worth taking some of these “testimonials” with a pinch of salt as you can never truly tell which ones are legitimate ones, and which are, well – not really legitimate! Sticking to scientific research of the ingredients and doing your own inspection of the supplement is the best way to gauge how it will work for you.

Side Effects

Yohimbine is actually one of the compounds often avoided by fat burners and other supplements due to its high risk of adverse effects. The main concerns regarding Yohimbine are its aggressive stimulatory properties, which are known to cause high blood pressure, anxiety episodes, nausea, and palpitations among others. For these reasons, countries like the UK, Australia, and Canada have completely banned yohimbe supplements.

Cost, Where to Buy, and Other Things to Consider

A 120-capsule bottle will set you back by $12.99. This will last you at least 4 months if you take the recommended 1 capsule per day. Still, we wouldn’t recommend taking it every day as there is a potential for tolerance build-up, not to mention the long-term side effects.

You can currently only buy Nutricost Yohimbine on its official website and on Amazon.

If buying from the Nutricost website, you’re covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Nutricost Yohimbine Review: The Bottom Line

With this, we end our Nutricost Yohimbine review.

It is a supplement with some potential upsides, but it also comes with a risk of certain serious side effects. It may help boost your blood flow and improve erections if that is what you are after. But the weight loss studies look underwhelming so far.

As such, Nutricost Yohimbine will be a decent supplement for a very specific group of people. Its scope of effects is very limited. If weight loss is your main struggle, we would look into better options on the market.

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