OxyShred vs Celsiuis

OxyShred vs Celsius: Which is Better?

[OxyShred vs Celsius Summary]

Neither OxyShred nor Celsius are among the best fat burners we’ve seen. Both products come in a variety of different flavors. With each flavor, Celsius has a slightly different ingredient formula.

Both OxyShred and Celsius contain proprietary blends, hiding individual ingredient doses from you, and therefore, leaving you with no clue about their efficacy and safety. In their formulas, there are some underdosed and pointless nutrients that don’t work for fat loss.

Because of all that, we can’t recommend the two. We always advise avoiding supplements that use proprietary blends.

There are much simpler, cleaner, and more effective alternatives on the market for all those looking to burn fat to a substantial degree. If we had to choose between the two though, OxyShred is the winner. It has more ingredients and is more likely to give you results. If the flavor is most important to you, then Celsius is a better option.

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OxyShred vs Celsius – The Overview

Both OxyShred and Celsius are classified as fat burners and are supposed to help you cut down fat through the process of thermogenesis, in which your body burns more calories, and by making you feel fuller for longer.

OxyShred is marketed as a thermogenic fat burner and comes in different flavors; Gummy Snake, Cosmic Blast, Raspberry Refresh, Passionfruit, Guava Paradise, Pink Grapefruit, Wild Melon, and Mango

Celsius comes in 18 different flavors too, but each of them contains a slightly different ingredient formula. Some of the flavors include sparkling green apple cherry, sparkling strawberry lemonade, and peach mango green tea.

OxyShred vs Celsius – The Ingredients

Neither OxyShred nor Celsius, in our opinion, don’t have proper ingredient formulas for everyone looking to cut down fat to a substantial degree.

Both products use proprietary blends, lack core ingredients, and contain some underdosed and pointless nutrients that don’t work at all for weight loss.

Because of that, we can’t recommend either of the two. They simply won’t be significantly effective, and we always recommend avoiding products that use proprietary blends. That means that the manufacturer is hiding individual ingredient dosages from you, therefore leaving you with no clue about their safety and effectiveness.

OxyShred vs Celsius – Side Effects

OxyShred uses proprietary blends in all of its flavors, while Celsius does contain several flavors that use optimal ingredient doses. With that being said, we think Celsius is a bit safer choice than OxyShred, but still, both products could cause some minor side effects, especially in sensitive people.

Cost & Where To Buy?

OxyShred can be purchased from the official website Ehplabs for $59.95 for 60 servings.

Celsius can be purchased on Amazon. Peach Mango Green Tea Flavor can be purchased for $27.30 for a 12-day supply.

In our opinion, both products are overpriced for the value they offer.

Our Verdict

If you’re serious about your weight loss goals, we recommend searching for an alternative product. Neither Oxyshred nor Celsius will leave you delighted, mainly due to poor ingredient formulas with proprietary blends and some underdosed ingredients.

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