Sweet Sweat Cream Review

Sweet Sweat Cream Review – Does it Work for Weight Loss? (2024)

Today we have this recently updated Sweet Sweat Cream review for you. We’ll be taking a closer look at the claims behind this cream to see if they align with the science behind its ingredients, as well as check for potential side effects to see if it’s safe and good value for money – let’s get started!

Sweet Sweat Review Summary

  • Made by Sports Research
  • Comes in the form of a gel stick or skin cream
  • Gets rubbed directly on the skin
  • Claims to enhance workouts sessions, help you burn fat, prevent injuries and help you warm-up
  • Prices range from $27.99 to $39.99, depending on the container size
  • Good ingredients for skincare, other than that it doesn’t fulfill its promises
  • Mixed customer reviews
  • Not comparable to fat burner supplements when it comes to weight loss and appetite suppression

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About Sweet Sweat Skin Cream

Sweet Sweat is a “workout enhancer” made by a company named Sports Research. It doesn’t come in the form you would expect from typical workout enhancers. Sweet Sweat is not a capsule or powder that you take orally. It comes in the form of a gel or skin cream.

By rubbing it on our skin before training session, it claims to enhance our workouts by accelerating the thermogenic effect and creating a “sauna-like” environment. Also, by raising our body’s temperature it improves circulation, helps us burn more energy, and prevents injuries.

It may sound too good to be true, but in order to find out if Sweet Sweat’s promises are true, we made this review. So let’s dive deep and find out if Sweet Sweat gel and cream truly are legit and worth buying.

How Does Sweet Sweat Work?

Sweet Sweat gets rubbed directly on our skin. By doing so, it claims to fight muscle fatigue, reduces recovery time, and helps us warm up better. Also, it promises to target specific areas where we want to boost the fat-burning process.

Its effectiveness is attributed to triggering a thermogenic effect. In other words, the ingredients will warm our skin and slightly raise our body’s temperature. This results in sweating more. The effect is not very strong such as a sauna, but it does induce some level of sweating where you applied it.

Sweating more can give us a false impression that we did a more effective workout session and burned more calories. However, that isn’t true.

Just because we sweat more doesn’t mean that our body has burned more calories. For example, if we sit in a sauna for half an hour, we won’t burn the same amount of calories as we would burn if we went for a 30 minute run in the cold weather. Even though we would perspire more during a sauna session.

So, Sweet Sweat fails in that regard. It won’t help us burn more calories.

But for some individuals, Sweet Sweat can actually be an effective tool. For example, if you are a bodybuilder preparing for a competition or a martial arts fighter who needs to cut weight, Sweet Sweat can be of some help. It will make you sweat more and lose some water weight in your body.

If you are a bodybuilder, this is desired because you will get that shredded look for competition. If you are a martial arts fighter, it will enable you to cut water weight faster without losing muscles.

However, this “weight loss ” is only temporary. You are not actually losing body fat weight, but reducing the water percentage in your body. As soon as you hydrate yourself and replenish the lost water, the numbers on the scale will be the same. So, Sweet Sweat won’t give you any permanent weight loss results.

As for the other promised effects goes, Sweet Sweat shows limited results here too. There is no proof that causing the thermogenic effect on the skin, has a positive effect on warm-up efficiency and injury prevention.

Warming up before the workout is important to stay injury-free. It includes preparing your body for physical activity and activates certain muscles, and takes the joints through greater ranges of motion. This increases blood flow in certain areas and results in the rise of the body’s temperature.

But it has nothing to do with an actual warming sensation on your skin that the Sweet Sweat cream produces.

How to use Sweet Sweat

Sweet Sweat shows the best results during cardio, circuit, or high-intensity training. It can be used during swimming or sauna sessions too.

Before the workout session, apply a large amount of Sweet Sweat cream or gel to the desired area of your skin. Don’t rub it too much, make sure that the layer of the cream is thick enough.

For best results, don’t mix with other skin products because they could create a barrier and inhibit Sweet Sweat’s effect.

After you are done with exercising, towel off Sweet Sweat and take a shower.

Sweet Sweat Skin Cream Ingredients

Sweet Sweat Ingredients

INGREDIENTS in Sweat Sweat cream include: White Snow Petrolatum, Brazilian Carnauba Wax, Acai Pulp Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Virgin Camelina Oil, Squalane Oil, Aloe Vera Extract, Vitamin E, Natural Fragrance

The ingredients inside Sweet Sweat aren‘t so different from the ingredients you would find in a standard skin cream or skin balm.

Sweet Sweat consists mostly of oils that help your skincare. However, these oils don’t have any other magic effects. [1, 2]

The “thermogenic effect” of the Sweet Sweat can be attributed to the White Snow Petrolatum. It adds an additional layer to the skin which can result in the body’s temperature rise and cause you to sweat more. White Snow Petrolatum also increases skin hydration. However, it doesn’t actually burn fat or increase levels of weight loss. [3]

There are no magic ingredients in Sweet Sweat Cream, in general, that can enhance your workouts, help you lose weight, or stay injury-free.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are mixed. Some users swear that Sweet Sweat helped them in their fitness goals, while others are noticeably disappointed with its effectiveness. Whatever the case may be, Sweet Sweat doesn’t fulfill its promises.

Cost and Where to Buy?

Sweet Sweat can be purchased on the official Sports Research sites, Amazon, and other online stores.

Depending on the container size and whether you decided on a Sweet Sweat gel stick or skin creme, prices range from $27.99 to $39.99.

Does Sweet Sweat Have Side Effects?

If you are not allergic to any specific ingredient, Sweet Sweat should be safe and without harmful side effects. Always check with your MD or dermatologist before using this cream to make sure it’s the right one for you.

Sweet Sweat: The Bottom Line

Sweet Sweat’s promised effects sounded too good to be true. And so it turned out to be.

Sweet Sweat can make you sweat more, but in our opinion, it’s cheaper to put on another layer of clothes. You will get the same result without spending extra money.

If your goal is to sweat more while taking care of your skin, Sweet Sweat can be a good purchase. But don’t expect it to enhance your workouts, help you lose weight, or keep you injury-free. It can’t compare to something that’s already been tried and tested, such as fat burner supplements with proven natural ingredients.

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