About Us

Welcome to MakingMemories.org! We are a supplement news and review website dedicated to helping you lead a healthier life and memories of personal growth through smart supplementation choices.

What is our goal at Making Memories?

To test, analyze, and review the most popular supplements in the natural market. Our team of experts does a thorough analysis on these supplements to see if they live up to the manufacturer’s claims.

Making Memories is all about making the right choices in terms of nutrition and supplements, especially nowadays when there’s a lot of misinformation out on the internet.

We want you to make good memories through clever lifestyle choices.

At the moment, our area of focus is the fitness supplements market. There’s a lot of issues in this particular category of supplements that we feel needs addressing.

What do we do at Making Memories?

We scour the marketplace for popular supplements and review them to see if they’re safe and effective. Our review board looks at the ingredients, serving sizes, and any potential side effects that the product in question could cause, and share with you our findings.

Let’s have a closer look at our review criteria.

How do analyze supplement ingredients?

The amazing thing about the internet is that a vast majority of supplement ingredients have already been researched and written up online.

Beyond testing some of these products for ourselves, we also do a thorough investigation of these ingredients by reading their studies. We go through every single ingredient in every product we review to determine if they’re good value for money.

If they’re quality and effective , we’ll let you know in our detailed reports – and if they’re not, we’ll explain why.

Taking quality supplements is incredibly important, not least because they provide better effects but also because of their long-term safety. Added alongside daily exercise and balanced nutrition, good supplements can support you on your journey of making some great memories.

Do we list supplement’s side effects?

Absolutely. When reviewing these products we check everything to give you a clear picture on whether you should look into these supplements or not.

However, you need to be aware that Making Memories doesn’t offer any advice. If you have a health-related question you will need to talk to your doctor before anyone else!

What else can you find on our website?

Aside from our in-depth supplement reviews, we also provide full buying guides on what to look for, and look out for.

That way you can do your own research on anything we haven’t mentioned.

Watch this space!

We thank you for your readership! Come back anytime for weekly updates on the latest supplements and nutrition guides – we look forward to seeing you again soon. : )