Prime Male Review - Is This Testosterone Booster Legit?

OUR REVIEW: Prime Male Testosterone Booster – Does it Work? (Updated)

Prime Male is the specialist testosterone enhancer for men over 30. It is designed to enable users to sidestep the problems with aging and bring back their youthful vigor. How does it achieve this? By helping you maintain a healthier hormone balance – with testosterone being at the top.

But, will Prime Male really change your life as it promises? While the claims could be called aspiring, there is some merit behind them.

Your testosterone levels start to go down around age 30. If left unaddressed, this can have significant life-altering side effects. Weak libido, loss of muscle mass, and fat gain are three of the most common; increased risk of health problems is a dangerous less known side effect. [1]

In this Prime Male review, we’ll take a closer look at its ingredients to see if it lives up to the reputation, and whether it can safely and effectively give your testosterone levels a boost.

Prime Male Key Takeaways

In a hurry? Here are the key things you should know about Prime Male.


  • Most ingredients are evidenced to support testosterone, libido, energy, and cognitive well-being
  • Premium quality manufacturing
  • Reasonable dosages
  • Smart 4 servings per day
  • Made in cGMP and FDA-approved facilities
  • Vegetarian friendly


What is Prime Male?

Prime Male is a natural testosterone booster made by specialist supplement company Roar Ambition. It’s currently one of the best testosterone boosters on the market for older men.

Unlike some T-boosting supplements out there, Prime Male isn’t designed for bodybuilders, but for the everyday man wanting to optimize their hormones in a healthy, effective way.

It will still assist you in building muscle, cutting down fat, and other additional benefits that come with elevating testosterone levels. However, Prime Male features some specialized ingredients that help with other men’s needs that become more obvious as your body ages.

Benefits of Prime Male

Prime Male contains ingredients which help improve:

  • Energy – enjoy a youthful vigor during the day
  • Muscle mass – get better results from exercise
  • Libido – experience better mood and performance
  • Mental clarity – less brain fog to allow you to concentrate for longer
  • Lean body composition – lose fat in those softer areas

Prime Male’s formula has been extensively studied to optimize your hormones to experience a natural balance in your body and mind.

By helping to raise your testosterone levels, Prime Male works to give your body the natural means to enhance your overall health as a man.

In the following sections of this Prime Male review, we’ll be inspecting why this testosterone booster is claimed to work so well – and if it can give the same results to you.

How does it work?

Prime Male works to naturally increase your testosterone levels by:

  1. Providing raw testosterone materials and nutrients
  2. Balancing other hormones that are harmful to your testosterone – including cortisol and estrogen
  3. Using herbal extracts that are shown to stimulate testosterone production in Leydig cells in your testes

In addition, the ingredients in Prime Male have demonstrated through research to also :

  1. Support neurotransmitters for healthier mood and mindset
  2. Reduce inflammation and improve muscle protein synthesis for quicker recovery
  3. Enhance your basal metabolic rate to burn more calories even during rest

Testosterone is the most vital hormone in your body. Studies show that when it diminishes, so does your quality of life. [2]

What Prime Male is designed to do is supply your body with anabolic hormone-supporting nutrients. Some work to protect your T from damage by deficiencies, others could help block estrogen. These ingredient’s worth is based on what the research says about them. We’ll check the studies soon.

Prime Male shouldn’t be confused with steroids or synthetic TRT. Prime Male is an all-natural, legal food supplement to promote your body’s homeostasis – nothing more, nothing less!

Who’s Behind Prime Male?

Prime Male is made by Roar Ambition, a well-known UK supplement manufacturer. It ships directly from warehouses in the USA and UK.

We found it fascinating how well Prime Male is doing in the USA, with Hollywood stars like Dolph Lundgreen even sharing their experiences with the supplement:

Watching through the video, Dolph says he experienced great things using Prime Male, giving you an idea of what you can expect from using it.

In Dolph’s own words, Prime Male helped him with:

  • Libido
  • Energy
  • Testosterone

He also said he had no side effects from Prime Male, and extensively researched the supplement because of his chemical engineering past. The main thing he liked is that it’s 100% natural. Dolph even recommends it to some of his friends now and even given it to his coach.

Learn more about Dolph’s experience with Prime Male on their website:


Prime Male Ingredients

Prime Male Ingredients Label, Facts, and Information

Prime Male contains the following ingredients

  • Vitamin D3 (5000 IU)
  • Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone 7) (45 mcg)
  • Vitamin B6 (as pyridoxal 5 phosphate) (7.5 mg)
  • Magnesium (as Magnesium Citrate) (100 mg)
  • Zinc (as Zinc Citrate) (30 mg)
  • D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate (1600 mg)
  • Asian Red Ginseng 4:1 Extract (root) (120 mg)
  • Luteolin (60 mg)
  • Mucuna Pruriens (seed) Ext. (standardized to 15% levadopa) (300 mg)
  • Nettle Root 10:1 extract (160 mg)
  • Bioperine (10 mg)
  • Boron (as boron amino acid chelate) (5 mg)

Looking at the label, you’ll see a nice spread of ingredients in here. All are natural and have their doses clearly shown.

There’s a lot in Prime Male that we like and think can help to boost testosterone. Big names like D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Vitamin D3, Magnesium, and Panax Ginseng should make the difference in this T-booster.

Below, we’ll be inspecting the active ingredients in Prime Male to see how effective it really is.

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D is a natural steroid hormone made by your skin when exposed to sunlight. Alarmingly though, experts warn that over 1 billion people on the planet are deficient in it. Low testosterone is one of the syptoms of not getting enough of the sunshine vitamin. [3]

Because of its link to male health, vitamin D is a popular ingredient in testosterone boosters. Research shows that vitamin D3 supplementation helps restore T levels in deficient men, as well as nip deficiencies in the bud. [4]

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 supports vitamin D’s function inside your body. Many testosterone boosters have vitamin K2 because it helps prevent calcium build-up in the arteries while improving the efficiency of vitamin D.

As a result, the more mobile vitamin D should assist in increasing testosterone productions. Moreover, studies show that vitamin k2 itself has a positive influence on testosterone. [5]

Vitamin B6

Prime Male’s manufacturers say they added vitamin B6 because it stimulates androgen receptors, resulting in testosterone release. They also claim the vitamin increases the utilization of zinc and magnesium, two of Prime Male’s key components. The website does cite an animal study showing how vitamin B6 deficiency caused a dip in testosterone. [6]


Magnesium works to lower your sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG) levels. As a result, there’s less SHBG to bind to free testosterone and make it less effective. Free testosterone is the only type able to influence functions of your body.

Studies show that magnesium supplementation enhances testosterone levels. But, if you already get enough from your diet, there’s no guarantee you’ll experience dramatic effects.


The condition of zinc deficiency is rife worldwide – around 20% of population suffers from it. All men should prioritize zinc intake because of its close tie to testosterone. When your zinc stores drop below baseline, T production falls as well. Keeping yourself supplied with the essential mineral enables you to maintain thriving masculine hormones and may also boost fertility.

D-Aspartic Acid

A naturally occuring amino acid, D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is said to boost testosterone-promoting hormones. One of these is luteinizing hormone, which travels from your brain to the testes to command T creation.

Strong evidence suggests that D-AA may boost testosterone levels in T-deficient men. Other benefits of supplementation include improved muscle building and fertility. [7, 8]

But, if your testosterone levels are already healthy, you may only get the benefits of increased muscle growth. Hormonal benefits only seem to occur in men with low levels of testosterone.

Asian Red Ginseng

Asian Ginseng, also known as “Panax” Ginseng, is an herb with roots stemming back into ancient Chinese medicine. Asian Ginseng is believed to boost luteinizing hormone, which as we learned by checking D-AA stimulates testosterone release.

Other benefits of Asian Ginseng include promoting mood and reducing sluggishness. Users tend to experience improved sleep and enhancement in their memory too.


Luteolin is a flavonoid compound found in citrus fruits. Due to its aromatase-inhibiting effects, luteolin is a popular testosterone boosting ingredients as it helps reduce your body’s natural estrogen levels.

Some scientists suggest this bioactivity is possible because luteolin binds to estrogen receptors – blocking aromatase in the process. However, the evidence of luteolin directly boosting testosterone is still inconclusive.

Ashwagandha Extract 4:1

Ashwagandha, AKA Withania somnifera, has been used in ancient Ayurvedic medicine for over 3,000 years. Only recently though, studies have begun to show the positive link between Ashwagandha and testosterone, among other benefits.

How does Ashwagandha benefit your test levels? It’s by blocking the detrimental stress hormone, cortisol. As well as that, Ashwagandha increases strength, muscle, and stamina in the gym. By diminishing anxiety and stress, the herb should also make you feel more motivated and driven.

Nettle Root Extract

Prime Male say that compounds in nettle root are able to block SHBG. This, they claim, allows testosterone to remain free to use in the bloodstream. While the evidence shows powerful anti-inflammatory effects of Nettle Roots, it’s still not conclusive when it comes to testosterone boosting in humans.


BioPerine is a patented form of piperine, a compound extracted from black pepper. Many supplements use it to increase the absorption of other ingredients. Whether it enhances the ones inside Prime Male specifically is yet to be confirmed.


Boron is a crucial mineral for human health. It’s not just a testosterone booster; it’s also powerful anti-inflammatory that supports healthy blood plasma, enhancing vitamin D and bone strength.

Studies show that Boron may simultaneously lower estrogen and increase testosterone by reducing SHBG. In one, men who took 10mg of boron daily for 7 days saw their free testosterone levels jump by 28%. What’s more, their estrogen levels dropped by almost 40% too. [9]

Our Thoughts on Prime Male’s Ingredients

Prime Male has plenty of good ingredients, and they’re safely dosed too. What we like specifically is that Prime Male takes measures to help you tackle estrogen. Luteolin and boron are among the best here for helping to manage your levels of the female sex hormone – which is good for supporting your male health across the board.

This is true especially if you’re getting older and feeling the insidious effects of elevated estrogen – such as “man breasts”, weight gain, and diminished libido.

Prime Male also does a good job in the actual testosterone-boosting department; D-Aspartic Acid, vitamin D3, zinc, Magnesium, Mucuna Pruriens – these are all heavy hitters in terms of natural testosterone enhancement. They’re included in good amounts here and do the job.

There are plenty of good ingredients in Prime Male, and they’re well dosed too.

What we like about Prime Male is that it makes measures to help deal with estrogen. Boron and Luteoilin are the best in here for helping to regulate your levels of the female hormone – which is good for supporting your overall male health.

This goes especially if you’re getting older and feeling the creeping effects of higher estrogen – such as softer breast tissues and lower libido.

Prime Male also does well with actual testosterone boosting; D-Aspartic Acid, D3, Zinc, Magnesium, Mucuna Pruriens – these are all hard-hitters when it comes to natural testosterone boosting. They’re here in a good amount and do the job.

Curious to learn more about the ingredients in Prime Male and the science behind them? See their website:

How to Take Prime Male (Dosage Instructions)

Directions for using Prime Male are to take 1 capsule, 4 times per day with a meal or a snack. Drink plenty of water with it, as well.

We like that Prime Male has 4 servings per day. This way of dosing gives your body a constant supply of nutrients that enable your testosterone to rise.

While it can be somewhat annoying trying to remember 4 servings per day, we still like that Prime Male is dosed this way as it makes it more effective and brings you results faster. Not many testosterone boosters are like this.

Prime Male Reviews and Testimonials

Prime Male is among the very best rated testosterone boosters that we’ve seen online – especially in the older men category.

We’re inclined to agree with the reviews – Prime Male has what it takes if you’re looking to support your T by natural means.

The main reasons why Prime Male stood out to us include:

  1. Premium ingredients – they’re researched backed and effective for enhancing T levels.
  2. Clinically backed dosages and servings – again, 4 servings per day is a strong amount to keep your body topped up with the testosterone-supporting nutrients 24/7.
  3. Excellent reviews – as you’ll see below, there are countless positive testimonials from Prime Male customers. It’s one of the very few testosterone boosters that are endorsed by celebrities like Dolph Lundgren.
  4. Specializes in helping older men – Prime Male contains powerful aromatase inhibitors which help keep your testosterone-to-estrogen ratio in a more youthful range.
  5. Keeps muscle, sheds fat – Higher T levels lead to improved physique.
  6. Enticing discounts – Buying multiple boxes of Prime Male will save you over $67 with a money-back guarantee.

Prime Male Results – What Can You Expect?

Plenty of guys claim Prime Male gave them good results. We’re not kidding, there’s a lot of users that vouch for Prime Male. If you haven’t seen their testimonial page, you’ll be surprised by how many men have given this supplement a view of their results.

Here’s just one of many examples:

Max’s Prime Male Results

Prime Male Results (Max)

Max’s Prime Male review will be relatable to many people. Now 35-year old, Max always had issues with low testosterone, and he shares a 2 and half minute video of his honest experience with Prime Male:

To Max’s thoughts in case you can’t watch the video:

  1. Felt a boost in his libido within 2 weeks
  2. It increased his energy, helping him to lose weight
  3. Max says Prime Male worked better for him than T boosters such as Nugenix, saying that it’s “The Real deal”
  4. Although Max initially didn’t believe the other Prime Male results from their webpage, he was surprised by how well it worked for him.

If you visit their testimonials page, you’ll see how many men with different backgrounds there are. There has to be at least a hundred testimonials on their site:

– Visit –

Prime Male Complaints: Are There Any?

The one complaint we see from users taking Prime Male is – the constant servings.

Although many people are thrilled with Prime Male’s effects, taking 4 individual servings every day can be tiring, and for some, difficult to remember.

The easiest way to do it is to time it with your meals, and then an additional snack between your lunch and dinner, or before bed. This makes it easier to manage and results in less complaints when taking Prime Mael.

Side Effects – Is Prime Male Safe?

Prime Male is an all-natural food supplement made in FDA-approved facilities. Ingredient doses are reasonable and not over-served, with no proprietary blends in sight. It’s clear the maker has taken measures to maximize safety, while simultaneously reducing side effect risks.

However, there is always some level of risk even if it’s extremely unlikely. Side effects of taking Prime Male improperly or in higher than recommended amounts could include stomach upsets, nausea, and headaches. We do recommend stopping Prime Male if you get any adverse reactions, and speak with your doctor asap.

Price and Value for Money?

You can only officially buy Prime Male from the manufacturer. So, you avoid the fluctuating price from retalier to retalier. Prime Male is sold in bottles of 120 capsules which last a full month.

The prices go as follow:

  • One month – $69.00
  • Two month – $138.00
  • Three month + one month free (four total) – $207.00 + free worldwide shipping
  • Four month + two month free (six total) – $276.00 + free worldwide shipping

Because Prime Male sells directly from the manufacturers, they can offer bundle prices. Buying 4 bottles of Prime Male for the price of 3, or 6 boxes for the price of 4. Both options also come with free international shipping.

Almost all of its ingredients make Prime Male an excellent value for money. They’re evidence-backed and manufactured to the highest-quality standards.

However, as we reported, not all Prime Male’s ingredients are yet proven to work in humans as well as in animals. We don’t think paying more than the asking price is a good idea.

Prime Male Discounts and Free Trial

There are no free trials with Prime Male. This is because a natural T-booster takes more than a few days to start working.

We’ve contacted the manufacturers and they replied they don’t do Prime Male free trials to protect their reputation. If you would take Prime Male for a few days as a trial, you probably wouldn’t see any results. This could leave you with a negative view of the supplement and not use it.

But if you took Prime Male for 30 days or longer, you would see different results and would be able to have a more concrete opinion of the testosterone booster as it has had more time to show its effects.

As for discounts, Prime Male doesn’t offer any discount codes, but it does have discounts for multi-box purchases.

You’re also covered by a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you try the product and you don’t think it’s the right one for you, you will get your money back.

That said, Prime Male’s manufacturers don’t always keep these offers up. If you’re looking to take advantage of the guarantee and the multi-box discounts before they are taken down, we suggest visiting their official website:


Conclusion on Prime Male Review

All things considered, Is Prime Male any good? In our experience, Prime Male is an excellent testosterone booster for men over 30. It has well-picked ingredients that are manufactured to a high standard.

Prime Male’s label is completely transparent too, meaning you won’t see any hidden blends or shady dosages. Looking at the gleaming reviews, it’s clear Prime Male is a tried and tested testosterone booster that works well for many men.

Still, not every ingredient is proven to work. While one or two ingredients in Prime Male are great for inflammation and general male health, we need more human evidence to confirm they can elevate testosterone blood levels.

With their iron-cast money back guarantee and great deals though, you don’t don’t have anything to lose. We do recommend Prime Male as the best option if you’re a man over 30. As a whole package, Prime Male can easily stand up to other big names on the market – even beating them in some aspects.

Prime Male doesn’t work for you? See where Prime Male stands compared to the 3 Best-Reviewed Testosterone Boosters on sale this year.



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