Man Sports Scorch Review

MAN Sports Scorch Review – Does This Fat Burner Work?

Here’s our MAN Sports Scorch Powder Review. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the claimed benefits of Man Scorch fat burner, as well as check for side effects and other key things you should know – starting with a brief summary.

MAN Sports Scorch Powder Review Summary

  • Claims to help with fat burning, appetite control, and boosting energy levels
  • 75 servings per container
  • Good mixability with water
  • Price $39.99/£28 per container
  • Serving size 1-2 scoops
  • Uses artificial flavor enhancers
  • Only a few ingredients in it are known to help with burning fat – mainly, green tea
  • Uses a proprietary blend so we can’t assess ingredient doses for effectiveness
  • Doesn’t cause harmful side effects, unless you’re intolerant to stimulants
  • Mixed customer reviews

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About MAN Sports Scorch

Although its name might sound misleading, MAN Scorch powder is suitable for both men and women. MAN is shorter for a supplement company based in Texas, called Metabolic Augmenting Nutrition (MAN).

MAN Scorch is a fat burner and energizer. Along with proper nutrition and exercise, its formula supposedly helps you boost your fat-burning potential and achieve the fitness goals you dreamed of.

It comes in five flavors – Mango, Pink Lemonade, Strawberry Kiwi, Grape Bubblegum, and Galaxy Candy. It contains no artificial color, and it is easily soluble in water and easy to consume. One package of MAN Scorch is enough for 75 servings.

Since sticking to a diet and weight loss program is often physically and emotionally exhausting, MAN Scorch comes with an energizing formula. This formula will boost your energy levels and elevate your mood. Also, MAN Scorch helps in appetite control without feeling tired or hungry.

All of these helps you stay on track and makes the whole weight loss journey more enjoyable. Whether you are a recreational lifter, pro bodybuilding athlete or you just want to lose extra weight, MAN Scorch powder can be a great tool to help you feel more energetic and burn fat at the same time.

However, in order to test its effectiveness and to see if MAN Scorch really works, we made this review. Read along and find out what we think of it and if MAN Scorch powder is really as effective as it claims to be.

How to use MAN Scorch Powder

Every morning take 1-2 scoops of MAN Scorch powder, dissolve it in cold water and drink it on empty stomach.

On training days, you can take additional 1-2 scoops of MAN Scorch powder as a pre-workout. However, due to high caffeine levels, make sure you don’t take it too late throughout the day because it could negatively affect your sleep.

To make sure it gets absorbed properly, avoid eating other foods or consuming other drinks or protein shakes within 20 minutes after consumption of MAN Scorch.

MAN Scorch Powder Ingredients

Man Sports Scorch Review

MAN Scorch’s main fat-burning formula contains organic caffeine from green coffee beans, “3X tea power”, and “3X Carnitine power”.

Caffeine, tea, and Carnitine ingredients trigger thermogenesis and amplify the fat-burning potential. These ingredients boost your metabolism, which results in your body burning more calories. Also, they have a stimulating effect, so they will increase your energy levels and elevate your mood.

In addition to these main fat-burning ingredients, Man Scorch powder also contains Raspberry ketones, vitamin B12, vitamin B9 (Folic acid), and vitamin B3 (Niacin).

  • Caffeine – Caffeine is probably the most used daily stimulant in the world. Naturally, it is found in coffee beans and tea. It has a positive physical and mental effect – it improves physical performance and boosts energy.
  • L-Carnitine – L-Carnitine is a widely used ingredient in fat burners and other weight loss supplements. However, studies show very limited results when it comes to fat loss. Possible fat-burning effects are attributed to increased energy levels and more physical activity, rather than the fat-burning effects of the L-Carnitine itself.


  • L-Theanine – L-Theanine is an amino acid found in tea. It has a soothing effect on the mood. It is often used in combination with caffeine. Caffeine and L-Theanine have a synergistic effect and positively affect cognitive functions.


  • Raspberry ketones – Raspberry ketones often get attributed to having fat-burning properties. However, there are no studies that show positive effects and improvement in fat-burning following the oral consumption of raspberry ketones.


Customer Reviews

Customer reviews of MAN Scorch are mixed. Although people are generally happy with the product and its taste, a lot of customers didn’t notice the expected effect.

” I tried different fat-burning products and I must say the MAN Scorch has one of the most delicious flavors I tried and has no weird artificial after-taste. Also, it mixed perfectly in the water. However, I can’t say I noticed any huge “fat-burning effect”. Honestly, I expected more. Even though I stuck to a diet and exercised regularly, I didn’t notice it helped me burn more fat. I think I could have got the same results with dieting and exercise alone.” – Josh

“Sadly, MAN Scorch didn’t do much for me. I had a better experience with other supplements. Even though it claims to help with energy levels and appetite control, I didn’t feel the effect. I still felt hungry, which wasn’t the case with the previous fat burners I used. Also, it didn’t help with my energy levels. At least I didn’t notice any changes. Therefore, I think there are better products on the market in this price range.” – Valentino

Cost and Where to Buy?

The average price for MAN Scorch powder is around £28. You can purchase it from the official MAN site, Amazon, GNC, and other online supplement shops. MAN Scorch is also available to buy in the UK with free shipping.

Does MAN Scorch Powder Have Side Effects?

All the ingredients in MAN Sports Scorch are well-tolerated and don’t have harmful side effects. However, the dose makes the poison, and Man Sports Scorch doesn’t show the doses of its ingredients. Ingredients like caffeine could be over-done, and consequently, cause issues like insomnia, palpitations, and other side effects.

MAN Scorch Powder: The Bottom Line

In our opinion, MAN Scorch powder does not fulfill its fat-burning promises. Although it contains ingredients that work to elevate your mood and energy levels, the fat-burning effects of MAN Scorch are limited.

All the ingredients that claim to help in weight loss showed very limited results in clinical studies. Not only that, their doses aren’t shown so you don’t know exactly how much of what you’re getting. Therefore, the effectiveness of MAN Scorch powder as a fat burner is questionable.

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