Xyngular Cheat Review

Xyngular Cheat Review: Does This Appetite Suppressant Work?

Here’s our Xyngular Cheat review. We’re going to check if this supplement really works when it comes to controlling hunger & reducing food cravings, if it’s safe to use, and whether it’s good value for money. Short on time? Here’s a quick summary.

[Xyngular Cheat SIMPLIFIED]


  • Provides a decent amount of fiber
  • May reduce the total number of calories consumed
  • Helps aid in appetite control


  • Doesn’t burn fat, nor does it contribute to direct weight loss
  • All the ingredients are stuffed in a proprietary blend
  • You can’t see the ingredient doses in the blend
  • Missing fat burning compounds such as green tea and cayenne pepper extract, among others

Summary: Xyngular Cheat is a natural supplement that consists of 3 active ingredients. All of these are fiber compounds. This means two things: Xyngular Cheat will help reduce your appetite and help balance blood sugar levels, thanks to the health benefits of fiber. Second, Xyngular Cheat won’t do anything when it comes to fat-burning or weight loss, at least not directly. Considering it costs $89 per bottle (30 servings), you can get the same benefits cheaper by simply eating more fiber via real food. Or, if you’re serious about losing weight, do research on fat burners that use proven ingredients, because there are definitely better weight loss products than Xyngular Cheat available today.

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What is Xyngular Cheat?

Xyngular Cheat is a fiber supplement. It’s based on the ingredient called Japanese Konnyaku root, also known as Glucomannan. Cheat comes in capsule form and you’re meant to take it before each meal.

The ingredients in Xyngular Cheat work by swelling in your stomach when in contact with water. This forms a gel, trapping a portion of food you ate. The result? A fuller stomach that curbs appetite while also reducing the number of calories absorbed.

But how effective is Xyngular Cheat for weight loss in the real world? What concrete benefits can you expect from using it daily? Will it lead to a noticeable change on the weight scale? We share our thoughts below.

Xyngular Cheat: Dosage Directions

Xyngular Cheat dosage is 2 capsules before each meal. Make sure to drink plenty of water with the product to ensure proper utilization of its fiber compounds.

Ingredients in Xyngular Cheat

Here are the ingredients in Xyngular Cheat:

  • Konnyaku Root (Glucomannan) (UNKNOWN DOSE)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (UNKNOWN DOSE)
  • Phytosterols (UNKNOWN DOSE)
  • Hydroxypropyl Cellulose (UKNOWN DOSE)

As shown on the label:

Xyngular Cheat Ingredients

The interesting thing with Xyngular Cheat is that you can only see the combined amount of t ihe ngredients inside. However, you can’t see the individual ingredient doses within the proprietary blend. This is why we’re against proprietary blends in general. They hide information that is crucial for determining whether the product is safe and effective.

As for the ingredients themselves, Xyngular Cheat consists of fiber compounds. These should, as the manufacturer said, slow down the absorption of food in your stomach, making you feel fuller after consumption. However, the total dose of the blend is 1,230mg, which is too low. Glucomannan, which is one of the ingredients in Xyngular Cheat, has the optimal dosage of at least 1,500mg. Or even better, 3,000mg.

Also, Xyngular Cheat has absolutely no fat burning compounds. Nothing to help with weight loss directly. It’s missing many of the best fat burner ingredients, including chromium, vitamin D, green tea extract, B vitamins, and cayenne pepper extract. If it had included these, then it would be a far superior supplement to what it is right now. In our opinion, Xyngular Cheat’s ingredient formula can’t compare to the current market-leading weight loss supplements when it comes to helping you burn fat, expend more calories, and even with hunger control.

Here’s a closer look.

Konnyaku Root

Konjac Root, or Glucomannan, is an excellent ingredient. It is one of the best natural appetite suppressants we have today. Upon contact with water, Glucomannan swells up to 100 times its original size, making you feel fuller for longer. In order to swell to a significant size, you will need to take enough Glucomannan – around 3,000mg per day or 1,500mg per dose is ideal you want to maintain the effects all day long. [2]

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean is another source of fiber in Xyngular Cheat. As such, it’s another great natural appetite suppressant. In this case, Green Coffee Bean contains chlorogenic acids, which have been shown to slow the absorption of carbohydrates specifically. This results in fewer calories being absorbed from food. It’s a shame we don’t see Green Coffee Bean’s dose in Xyngular Cheat, as it needs to be served properly to work.


Phytosterols are excellent for general health. These natural compounds have the benefit of reducing choleseterol in your body, specifically the “bad” LDL cholesterol. Studies show 2g of phytosterols per day is the optimal amount for these benefits. [1] Xyngular Cheat’s entire proprietary blend doesn’t have even close to that amount.

Hydroxypropyl Cellulose

Hydroxypropyl Cellulose is a filler ingredient in Xyngular Cheat. It has no notable benefits when it comes to weight loss.

Reviews and Testimonials

Xyngular Cheat reviews and testimonials can be found on websites like Amazon. Here’s what some users said about the product:

“Does not work. I lost no weight and was hungry.” – Yvette Friedman

“I am taking this as part of a diet system. I do think it helps suppress the appetite. Be sure to drink a big glass of water with it.” -thisisit

“Doesn’t work. Still hungry.” – Kc+Aileen

Side Effects

One positive side to Xyngular Cheat is that it’s highly unlikely to give you side effects. It only consists of fiber compounds, which are well studied and aren’t known to cause negative reactions in healthy people. Their dose is also very light so the risk goes down even further.

If you have sensitive stomach or gut issues, then do be careful with Xyngular Cheat as fiber compounds are known to cause the following side effects:

  • Nausea
  • Cramps
  • Stomach Discomfort
  • Constipation

Always check with your doctor before taking a new supplement. Our posts are for informational purposes only, and aren’t meant as advice!

Cost, Where to Buy, and Other Things to Consider

Xyngular Cheat is available on Amazon as well as on the manufacturer’s website. The price is $89 for a bottle of 30 servings. The price can vary depending on where you buy the product.

We don’t think Xyngular Cheat is good value for money. There are more comprehensive weight loss supplements that use better ingredients, have a transparent label (with clearly visible doses of each ingredient), and are more effective overall for less money.

Xyngular Cheat Review: The Bottom Line

Xyngular Cheat is a fiber supplement, and that’s about it. For $89, we expected a lot more from it.

It only consists of 3 active ingredients, all of which are fiber. They can help you feel a bit fuller, but they have no direct fat burning or weight loss effects.

Xyngular Cheat should’ve included more proven ingredients that would help you burn more calories and lose weight faster, in addition to suppressing appetite. Not to mention that Xyngular Cheat’s ingredients are underdosed, so you’re unlikely to get the full benefit even from the ingredients that it does use.

Considering that it costs even more than the best-reviewed fat burners on the market today, we don’t think Xyngular Cheat is a good investment. We’d definitely do more research before buying this one.

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