RtopR Olive Slimming Cream review

RtopR Olive Slimming Cream Review – Does it Really Work?

Slimming creams are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. There is a good reason for it. They are simple to use, and the benefits that they promise, in terms of weight loss and cellulite reduction, are nothing short of impressive. But in the sea of “slimming” products out there, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to find the one that will work for you, without having to spend a fortune.

Luckily, today we’ve done the legwork for you by inspecting RtopR Olive Slimming Cream. This cream uses all-natural ingredients such as ginger extract and olive extract, which are said to not only improve your skin elasticity and quality, but also contribute to weight loss. In the words of the manufacturer, RtopR Olive Slimming Cream works by heating up the spot where you apply the cream; resulting in increased calorie burning at that area.

The cream costs only about $10 per tub, so we can’t help but wonder, is it too good to be true?

We start our RtopR Olive Slimming Cream review with a quick summary so you can get an idea about what you can expect from it, after which we’ll delve deeper into the ingredients and the science behind them.


  • Ginger is effective for reducing skin inflammation and giving you that “glow”
  • Olive extract may further contribute to improving your skin quality and elasticity
  • Relatively affordable


  • No evidence that any of the ingredients work for weight loss or fat burning

[RtopR Olive Slimming Cream SUMMARIZED]

For the price that it is charging, RtopR Olive Slimming Cream is a decent upgrade from your regular everyday cream. It contains some natural ingredients that are somewhat effective at reducing the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite at the spot where you apply it. However, the claims that this cream works for “spot fat reduction,” are misleading and not backed by human evidence. Creams in general, are ineffective if you’re looking to achieve lasting weight loss results. If your goal is to burn fat, then instead of creams, you will want to look for tried and tested weight loss supplements that use highly researched ingredients in clinical doses – these are the only types of products that can bring you visible results when combined with a healthy lifestyle. A product such as RtopR Olive Slimming Cream can be good for improving the appearance of your skin, but as far as weight loss goes, it is a waste of time and money.

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RtopR Olive Slimming Cream: How to Use?

Apply a good amount of RtopR Olive Slimming Cream to the desired area, and massage until your skin completely absorbs the cream. If you want to take it one step further, the manufacturer recommends wrapping the area in plastic wrap for 30-40 minutes and then peeling it off. Doing this additional step may result in a greater reduction in cellulite.

Ingredients in RtopR Olive Slimming Cream

Here are the ingredients in RtopR Olive Slimming Cream;

  • Olive indica extract – Olive indica extract has been used to combat anxiety, stress, and depression. It is recommended for skin treatment because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It is a good ingredient for improving your skin quality, but it has no proven fat burning properties when applied topically.
  • Zingiber officinale root extract (ginger) – Ginger has many benefits for your skin, such as anti-inflammatory and anti-septic. It can also help to reduce swelling and redness. As far as weight loss goes, ginger has some benefits, but only when taken orally; i.e. as a supplement.
  • Centella Asiatica extract – Centella Asiatica extract is the key ingredient in the Indian traditional medicine formulae. It is also used for treating various skin and wound-related ailments, such as acne, ulcers, and inflammation. It is best known for providing relief from skin itching caused by eczema.
  • Hamamelis virginiana extract – Hamamelis virginiana extract is a segmented, yellowish-brown bark found on the Hamamelis genus of shrubs. It is used as an ingredient in moisturizers and creams because of its ability to reduce inflammation and soothe skin. Additionally, it has been found that this extract has antioxidant properties which can help with skin aging. Again, this makes it a great skincare ingredient, but it has no proven effects on weight loss whatsoever!
  • Sodium hyaluronate – Sodium hyaluronate is a naturally occurring molecule that is found in the human body. It has the ability to attract and bind to water molecules, which gives it the ability to hydrate the skin cells. Not much of an effect on fat burning, appetite suppression, or weight loss in general.

So there you have it. RtopR Olive Slimming Cream is a fairly simple formula with some well-known ingredients such as ginger and Olive indica extract.

Based on our inspection, RtopR Olive Slimming Cream should improve your skin quality and elasticity if you use it consistently. The problem that we have with this skin cream, however, is that it claims to do much more than that. Specifically, it claims to help you burn fat, after all, it even says that in its name!

Unfortunately, there is not a single ingredient in RtopR Olive Slimming cream that has concrete human evidence showing it can do anything for weight loss when applied topically. The claim that RtopR fat-burning cream works by heating up the area where it is applied, and therefore burning more calories at that spot, is not proven by scientific research. While it may indeed heat up your skin, it does this by “tricking” your skin receptors into thinking you feel hot, but it doesn’t produce thermogenesis in the sense that you will burn additional calories.

So then, RtopR Olive Slimming Cream is a good option for you if you need a decent-quality cream to help reduce wrinkles and cellulite. But we wouldn’t expect much more than that!

Reviews and Testimonials

RtopR Olive Slimming Cream doesn’t have too many reviews online. In fact, we’ve only been able to find 5 reviews on Amazon. It’s difficult to say whether these five reviews are from legitimate users, or if they are paid testimonials. Your best bet is to check the ingredients of the product and comparing their evidence against the claims made by the manufacturer. That’s the best way to know how the product will work for you.

Side Effects

RtopR Olive Slimming Cream is unlikely to cause side effects for most people. Some of the ingredients, such as ginger, may cause mild skin redness or irritation at the sport where they are applied, but this is rare.

Cost, Where to Buy, and Other Things to Consider

An 80-g tub of RtopR Olive Slimming Cream will set you back by about $10.69 at Walmart.

RtopR Olive Slimming Cream Review: The Bottom Line

So that was our RtopR Olive Slimming Cream review. With all things said, is this skin cream worth looking into? Should you buy it?

The answer is “yes” if you’re looking for an upgrade from your regular skin cream. RtopR Olive Slimming Cream has a few additional ingredients which, when applied topically, can help reduce skin redness, and inflammation, along with potentially improving your skin quality and elasticity. Some of the ingredients in the cream, such as ginger and olive extract, may even help you with cellulite.

But that’s as good as it gets.

RtopR Olive Slimming Cream is not the right product for you if you’re looking to lose weight. For that, you will want to look into weight loss supplements that are tried and tested – using proven thermogenic and appetite suppressive ingredients to help you burn more calories and lose weight consistently.

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