Old School Labs Vintage Burn review

Vintage Burn Fat Burner Review – Warning Before You Buy!

Here we have our Old School Labs Vintage Burn review. In this review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this fat burner supplement, including the benefits, the servings, the ingredients, the potential side effects, customer reviews, our experience, and more. Does it really burn fat? Can it help you get ripped, with more energy and focus? Let’s find out!


  • Vegan Friendly
  • Comes in 60-capsule and 120-capsule options
  • Consists of entirely natural ingredients
  • Features several well-known stimulants such as caffeine and green tea, which will give you energy
  • Contains some unproven ingredients, including Chrysin and Raspberry Ketones
  • Lack of a better appetite suppressant (e.g. Glucomannan)
  • Costs $29.99 for the 60-capsule version, and $49.99 for the 120-capsule version
  • Overall, our experience with Vintage Burn was lackluster – we experienced an increase in energy levels but very little results in terms of fat loss

What is Vintage Burn?

Vintage Burn is one of the most popular fat burners on Amazon. It’s a thermogenic fat burner supplement that offers a natural way of helping you to burn more calories, reduce food cravings, and convert stored body fat into energy without sacrificing your muscle.

Vintage Burn key features:

  • For men and women of all backgrounds
  • Enhances appetite suppression
  • More energy and focus
  • Cleverly dosed caffeine to avoid jitters and anxiety

The key selling point of this fat burner is that will make you burn more fat without wasting muscle.

How accurate are Old School Labs’ claims, and how will Vintage Burn work for you? We find out below.

Vintage Burn: Dosage Directions

Vintage Burn dosage instructions are to take 2 capsules with one of our meals, or in a fasted state, depending if you have a sensitive stomach.

The 1 serving per day is simple, however, it’s not what the best fat burners use. Typically, with the most effective products, you’ll see they use 3-4 daily servings because it keeps the fat burning effects maintained between the doses.

Ingredients in Vintage Burn

Old School Labs Vintage Burn ingredients

The ingredients in Old School Labs Vintage Burn are:

  • Green Tea Leaf Extract (330mg)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (270mg)
  • Raspberry Ketones (200mg)
  • Olive Leaf Extract (160mg)
  • Caffeine (150mg)
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract (130mg)
  • Garcinia Fruit Extract (100mg)
  • Chrysin (100mg)
  • Forskohlii Root Extract (60mg)

To start on a positive note, the ingredient profile of Vintage Burn is transparent. This means it doesn’t hide its ingredients in proprietary blends that would mask their doses. This is good because it allows us to assess Vintage Burn’s ingredient doses for safety and effectiveness. Vintage Burn also has a small amount caffeine which is enough to give you a kick without making you jittery – just as the manufacturers promised.

Now, for the downsides. Vintage Burn uses several ingredients that haven’t been proven to be effective for weight loss, including Raspberry ketones and Chrysin. It’s also missing a few of the best thermogenics, appetite suppressants, and other fat-burning compounds that would make it more effective at helping you lose weight.

Here’s a closer look.

Green Tea Leaf Extract

Vintage Burn is off to a great start with Green Tea Extract. This ingredient is well-known for its ability to enhance your metabolism and boost the conversion of stored body fat into energy. [1] So you get the double benefit of feeling more energetic during your workouts – and also burning more fat while at it.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Don’t let the name fool you; Green Coffee Bean it’s the same as caffeine. It’s an unroasted coffee bean that, instead of caffeine, contains much higher amounts of another compound called Chlorogenic Acid, which slows down the absorption of carbs in your gut. This results in fewer blood sugar spikes throughout the day – and consequently, fewer mood and energy swings.

Raspberry Ketones

Back in the day, Raspberry Ketones were one of the most popular ingredients in fat burners. However, nowadays, science has found that Raspberry Ketones have no use when taken orally, as their absorption is next to none. The only scenario where Raspberry Ketones have been shown to induce some level of fat loss (in mice) is when injected directly into the blood.

Olive Leaf Extract

This is a decent choice. Sourced from olive plants (and different from olive oil), the leaf extract is rich in phenolic acids, which are good for your heart, skin, and glucose regulation. Not really effective for direct fat loss, although it can contribute to your general wellness.


Caffeine – the most used (and abused) legal stimulant we know. Caffeine is unique in the sense that it binds to your adenosine receptors making you feel less sleepy and more ready to go. As a strong performance ergogenic, caffeine also stimulates your adrenaline and noradrenaline receptors, putting you in a stressed state where you’re burning more calories than usual. At 150mg per serving, it could be too much if you’re intolerant to caffeine, otherwise it’s a low enough dose for most healthy individuals!

Bacopa Leaf Extract

Bacopa is an adaptogenic herb known for its effects on human memory and mood. It improves your serotonin receptors, as well as your dendritic branches, which are the extensions of your brain cells. Bacopa is something that you won’t notice working immediately – studies show it takes 8-12 weeks to show its full effects on memory and anxiety. Does it burn fat, though? According to the current evidence, we’re afraid not!

Garcinia Fruit Extract

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical plant known for its HCA compound, which studies show can help your body burn more fat. However, Garcinia is also shown to put a strain on the liver at higher doses. Typically, 50mg of Garcinia is more than enough for safe long-term fat loss. Any more than that can put you at risk of side effects. [2]


Chrysin is an antioxidant sourced from bee propolis and pollen. The only known effect of this ingredient is an increase in testosterone levels – and only when injected directly into testicles! Yes, we’re not kidding. Chrysin has no use in a fat burner.

Forskohlii Root Extract

Forskohlii is a plant that contains a compound called Forskolin, which affects your body’s cAMP molecule. cAMP is involved in fat burning. Increasing its levels can help you lose bodyweight more rapidly. The downside is, Forskolin’s effects on cAMP have been shown to be weak at best.

Vintage Burn Reviews and Testimonials

Vintage Burn has over 14,500 review on Amazon. The average score is 4.1/5.

Here are what some of the customers had to say about the product:

“I’m sure these work for others but they didn’t work for me. Made me nauseous and gave me headaches. I was gaining weight while using these. However, the satisfactory guarantee from the company is fantastic! They were able to give me a complete refund sans shipping.” – DanaB (Amazon Customer)

“After taking for one month The product seems to help to make more muscle definition.” – Kila (Amazon Customer)

“As someone who doesn’t drink coffee or take any stimulants this product was to powerful with the caffeine. It works but I wish it was caffeine free.” – Kristofer (Amazon Customer)

Our Experience with Vintage Burn

3 people from our MM team trialed Vintage Burn for 3 weeks – Gabriel, Mia, and John-Alexander. We made sure to stick to our usual routine, which consisted of 3 days of resistance training per week, 1 day of HIIT cardio per week (sprints), and a paleo(ish) diet with an emphasis on lean meats and vegetables. Our carbs mainly came from seasonal fruits.

Overall, our experience with Vintage Burn was mixed. John-Alexander saw a 2lbs decrease in his body weight as well as increased energy levels throughout the day thanks to caffeine. He reported starting feeling better mentally at the end of the trial, which indicates Bacopa was starting to work.

Meanwhile, Mia had to stop the trial after 3 days because the caffeine’s harsh effects were causing her insomnia, anxiety, and jitters to the point that she wasn’t able to work.

Gabriel saw the trial through but saw no weight loss. He did experience an increase in energy levels and luckily, he said he hadn’t noticed any negative side effects.

The positive thing about our experience was that Old School Labs stayed true to their word – giving a refund to Mia and Gabriel who weren’t happy with their results.

Side Effects

Old School Labs Vintage Burn consists of mostly safe and well-researched ingredients. The only issue could be caffeine, which, at 150mg per serving, could be too much if you’re sensitive to stimulants. Otherwise, Vintage Burn should have no major side effects for an average healthy person.

Cost, Where to Buy, and Other Things to Consider

Vintage Burn costs $29.99 for a bottle of 30 servings and $49.99 for the bottle of 60 servings. Looking at the price per pill, the 60-serving version is a better value for money.

You can buy Vintage Burn on its official website, on Amazon, as well as at Walmart. However, be aware that the prices of Vintage Burn can vary drastically depending on where you buy it.

Vintage Burn Review: The Bottom Line

Vintage Burn is a transparent and relatively affordable fat burner with several proven ingredients. This includes caffeine, green tea extract, and Garcinia Cambogia.

However, the rest of the ingredients don’t work for weight loss. Vintage Burn would be far better off if it included Glucomannan (a potent natural appetite suppressant), Chromium, vitamin D, and other proven fat burners.

Since it has an incomplete formula, Vintage Burn may not live up to your expectations. The caffeine is well dosed and it will give you enough energy to power through the day, but in terms of fat loss specifically, it didn’t blow us away.

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